Private Label: Color Cosmetics

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Your Private Label Products for Make-Up is our task

Color Cosmetics is usually divided into the subcategories Face, Nails, Lips and Eyes. Eye products in
particular have experienced a real boom in the corona years, as the eyes are visible despite the mask
requirement. We would love to work out with you your exciting color cosmetics project or to support you to turn your desired products into reality.

Color Cosmetics categories


The category nails includes all nail polishes and nail polish removers, as well as additional or special products for nails, such as special varnishes that harden the fingernails, compensate  unevenness or protect against discoloration. Furthermore, this category includes nail care oils, correction pens, quick-dry products, etc. thus all products around the fingernails.


All products that give your lips the perfect shine and sensuality, such as lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and also lip oils, which have a pure caring character.


Are you looking for products that highlight beautiful eyes? Then this category is the right one for you. It includes products such as mascaras, kajal pencils, eyeshadow pallets, eyeliner, eyelash and brow products. All the products that make your eyes shine.


In this category you can find products like primers, make-up, serums, concealers, foundations, highlighters and many more products that will give your face the perfect finish.

The world of decorative cosmetics is colourful and versatile

Although the focus is on visual effects in all categories (face, eye, lip, nail), additional properties and the quality of the ingredients have been gaining increasing relevance for years. In this way, hybrid products combine decorative expertise with nourishing properties. Vegan and “clean beauty” private label color cosmetics concepts are usually possible today without any problems.

In addition, modern, innovative formulas make it possible in many areas to create a combination of convincing performance and a high proportion of up to 100% natural ingredients. 

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities and develop products for you that really keep what they promise and that your customers will love!